Enviromental Policy

Enviromental Policy

         Our Essentials principal as Sahara Grup employee is priority of respect to environment and humanbeing during the whole stages 

         of our operations.

         So, our environment policies occupational health & safety;


       ·   Sahara Group's main target is to obtain more secure and healthy environment in order to minimize


     ·   Any kind of lost by accepting the most valuable asset is human being


     ·   Conformity to national regulations regarding environment, work health & safety

       ·   Carrying out studies to decrease amount of waste material

       ·   Saving energy, water and natural resources using recyclable materials and arranging Activities in order to constitute environmental


       ·   Sahara targeted an approach to increase life qualities of its employees by co-operating National and local authorities. 

       ·   To be well prepared and proactive to eliminate any kind of negative affects in case of Emergency situations

      ·   Work out to prevent of any work accident & occupational sickness.